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Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the body and is responsible for male sex characteristics. Testosterone increases sex drive, protects against disease, increases muscle mass and strength, maintains bone health, sharpens the mind, and improves mood to name a few of its benefits.

Testosterone is absolutely vital in maintaining a man’s health, vigor, sexual function, and motivation throughout life.

Growth Hormone

As we age, human growth hormone (HGH) levels decline. This results in the inability to maintain lean muscle mass, decreased recovery times, poor sleep quality, weight gain and a variety of other “age related” problems.

Elite Low T Men’s Center specializes in the treatment of HGH insufficiency and growth hormone optimization with the use of growth hormone releasing peptides.

Sexual Health

Sub-optimal testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy can help restore erectile function but at times additional assistance is needed. We can help you manage this frustrating condition.

In addition, we also provide the novel peptide therapy PT-141 for erectile dysfunction!

Weight Loss

As men age, we tend to put on fat in unsightly locations like our mid-sections, upper legs, and chest. Have you tried losing weight on your own but have failed? Elite Low T Men’s Center can assist in your fat loss goals.

The goal of any weight loss program should be losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Crash diets and caloric restrictions work in losing fat, but also decrease your strength and muscle mass.

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